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Unleash your data potential!

5th September 2017 ,

Companies are sitting on a gold mine, but most of them don’t know it. And when they know it, few can really value it. This unsuspected richness is the data. These have become the new black gold and are said to be even more important than oil. With the advent of social networks and connected objects, data is everywhere and produced by everyone, from individuals to businesses and government. Every day, billions of data are collected around the world. This information windfall represents an infinite amount of possibilities and opportunities, provided that having the skills and tools to exploit them. This is far from being the case: on average, 95% of the data stored on servers around the world is not exploited at all.

At AdbA, we know data well and have the skills and tools to give them real added value. Our activities focus on data processing. We are active in a wide range of business areas, including commerce, finance, healthcare and industry. This 360° vision allows us to have a sharp knowledge of what is possible to find in data market places and in open data, these public or private digital data whose access and use are left free. Thanks to our algorithms and know-how, our customers identify the potential of their data, make the best use of them by crossing them with the right data repositories, in compatible formats, and obtain new information, which they can exploit various ways such as deducing new needs, offering additional services or enriching their business processes.

Our expertise is not only to support our customers in tools and methods choice to exploit their data, we also help them protect and preserve this black gold. Today, the value of a company is no longer measured by its tangible or intangible assets, but by the value of its data. These have become a scarce commodity that every company must safeguard if it wants to ensure its sustainability. However, the data must be of quality, integrity, uncorrupted, available, secured and guarantee personal data confidentiality. To meet all these strategic challenges, which will become increasingly important in the years to come, we offer flexible, tailor-made services adapted to the activities of each of our clients.

The importance of data valuation has given rise to new professions. Data scientists and other Chief Data Officers have become indispensable to the digital transformation of enterprises. But the integration of these new recruiter’s poppies into companies happens not without difficulty, as it often involves a profound upheaval in the organization. Thanks to our long experience in the field, we have the capacity to accompany these new professions, to train them on technologies and tools that make the most of data and to provide them with the technical and interpersonal skills that will enable them to quickly find their place within the company. Data is AdbA’s preferred domain and we know better than anyone how to make business leaders aware of the important field that has been sleeping for years in their servers…