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Conference recap: “BIG DATA! From needs to useful and practical solutions”

23rd November 2017 ,

The event explored new ways to move from big data to smart data.

On 16 November, LISER hosted the conference “BIG DATA! From needs to useful and practical solutions” co-organised with AdbA, a data management company based in Esch/Belval.

My participation in the Big Data workshop offered me a clearer view of the potentiality of Big Data for the development of the Labour Market department’s research agenda on the identification of future skills required by firms in a digitalized economy.” – Dr. Ludivine Martin

Claude Undreiner, AdbA Operation’s manager as well as Laurent Dufossé, Frédéric Gegoux and Johan Schram were on hand to instruct participants on:

  • Tools or method: when acquiring, processing and Big Data restitution, how to design an architecture that fits the challenges and expected outcomes? Which way to do it better, cheaper, faster? Smart data vs Big Data? A Journey through the 3Vs…
  • Big Data storage: from a classical approach to a direct raw data mining. Store, process and try adapting to the needs is the most used way of thinking Big Data processing.
  • Enhancing processing speed and save processing time: is it possible? Real user case with expected results with In-Memory and distributed storage of datasets.
  • LIVE demonstrations workshops: 1) Smart usage of raw unstructured data (Json) in Nosql distributed storage. 2) Optimisation of iterative statistical computation using distributed computing techniques.

Participants discovered that the ideal infrastructure, designed in an open way, really depends on each need, and that its qualification has a direct impact on the final result. Data quality has been reported as the discriminant variable of a Big Data project success that links to introduce Smart Data. Building an efficiency solution depends also on needs and criteria. The biggest challenge for this is finding the bottleneck, which is key of optimisation capability.” Claude Undreiner, AdbA Operation’s manager